Employee Spotlight: Tim Johnson, Level 3 Tech

Rick Thering

Tim Johnson is at once Providence’s newest employee and a familiar, friendly face to our clients. Tim started with Providence in 2007 and was with the company for over four years, long enough to earn himself the title IT Guy, short for “Incredibly Talented.” But in late 2011 Tim left the company to pursue a different opportunity.

Tim says, “I soon realized that I was much happier with the type of work that I was doing at Providence, and the day-to-day interactions with clients and staff. Providence welcomed me back to the team in November 2012, and I’m extremely happy to be back in the family!”
We’re thrilled to have him back on board, and excited about what his presence means for our company and clients.

“Providence is the most family-oriented workplace that I’ve ever been in,” he says. “The people here are amazing, and not just because of their technical abilities. This group cares about each other, watches out for each other, and is truly a family.”

As a Level 3 Tech, Tim describes his role as “a consultant, a network guy, and a computer tech all rolled into one. It might sound like I’m repeating the company motto,” he continues, “but I enjoy helping people use technology to make their jobs and lives easier. I’ve had a knack with computers since college, but I don’t really work with computers…I work with people!”

When asked about his approach to consulting and working with clients, Tim uses his mom as an example.

“If I can help her use and understand her computer, smartphone, or Internet service,” he says, “then I know I can Make Tech Easy for ANYONE!!”

Tim has a long resume of experience in the IT industry, starting with work as a senior support technician for a company that sold hardware and software to the casino industry. In that job Tim gained lots of experience installing and configuring servers and networks, as well as working with end users and IT staffers, training them on the products the company sold.

“Before I came to Providence in 2007, I knew a lot about computers,” Tim says, “but I never had to put that knowledge into practical use as a consultant. Since working with Providence for four plus years, I now have the confidence to make recommendations which are in the best interest of a client, and know that I’m helping them really use technology wisely.”

When not hard at work, Tim devotes his time to his wife and two young children. “I love spending time with them; travelling, camping, biking, and being outdoors. I also love playing around with my camera and taking pictures, especially of my kids. I have always loved aviation, and I’ve been a flight instructor and commercial pilot…I’m not actively flying anymore, but my friends know not to get me started talking about airplanes, because they know I won’t stop!”

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