Employee Spotlight: Anthony Latunski, Business Development Manager

Anthony LatunskiAnthony Latunski joined Providence in January of 2012 and soon found that he had very big shoes to fill. Despite the challenge, Anthony dug deep and put in the time and effort required to find success and now, nine months later, his effect on the company has been profound.

“My role at Providence,” says Anthony, “is to help businesses learn how to maximize their technology investments. Done correctly, this means improved efficiencies and lower operating costs.”

“I’m also working to consistently expand Providence Consulting into new fields of technology,” he continues. “For instance, we recently launched a pilot Social Media Management program to help make social media easy for our clients.”

Anthony’s amazingly diverse background makes him a near perfect candidate for this task. In his younger days he traveled extensively, including a summer traveling Europe and studying German.

“I am an adrenaline junkie,” he says. “I like anything that gets my heart racing. Skydiving, rock climbing, hang-gliding, rappelling, white water rafting. I even ran with the bulls in Pamplona.”

Professionally, he brings to the table an extensive background in outside sales, in a variety of industries. But his secret weapon might just be the three years he spent as a professional haberdasher.

Anthony explains, “I helped executives dress well.”

Clearly, the skills gained during this exposure to and experience with high-level businesspeople has transferred over to his work in business development. Anthony knows how executives think, and what makes them tick.

“Most business people are not technology people,” he says. “While they might not like to admit it, many don’t know what a gigabyte, megabyte, or megahertz is, nor do they care. All they know is they have a problem and they want a solution. My experience in sales has taught me how to uncover the real needs of the client and then look for technology to solve that problem.”

At Providence, our mission statement is “Making Tech Easy.” Anthony’s approach to serving our clients may be the ultimate expression of this mission.

“To me, ‘Making Tech Easy’ means I don’t have to know how something works, just that it does,” he says. “For example, I don’t care how Providence gets my voicemails to show up in my emails, and then gets my emails to show up on my phone. All I know is that I can be away from my desk all day and not miss a single email or important phone call.”

Anthony shares this approach with clients, to enable them to focus on doing what they do best – running their business.

“What I like most about working for Providence is how much everyone cares about doing what is right for the client,” he says. “We are always asking ourselves “Is what I am doing going to solve problems? Is this going to make technology easier?”

Anthony is driven by the desire to be the best at whatever he does, and to be a positive role model for his children.

“I am inspired by people who don’t let limitations hold them back from living,” he says. “My friend is in a wheelchair yet he drives, hunts, goes fishing, and even downhill skis! He has never let the fact that he can’t walk prevent him from doing anything that he wanted.”

How can Anthony Latunski and Providence Consulting help Make Tech Easy for you?

Jeff Dettloff is the President and Chief Problem Solver for Providence Consulting, Lansing’s leading provider of advanced computer services and innovative technology solutions.

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