Empowering your Mobile Workforce

The majority of employees globally use more than one mobile device only for work. That could be in the form of laptops, tablets, or their mobile phones. Also, the percentage of employees who feel more productive when working away from the office is increasing everyday.

The rise in mobile devices and email are key to the growth of the mobile workforce. Work emails can now be taken care of not only on a desktop in the office, but also on a mobile device anytime, anywhere.

By leveraging mobility, your company can also acquire and retain more talent. Remote working not only allows you to get more done, but gives your employees the convenience of working whenever, wherever they can.

However, a mobile use policy needs to be established to protect critical data. To make sure that you have control over the way your employees use content, and to guarantee you don’t restrict their mobility, get in touch with one of our consultants to devise a mobile work plan.