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Keep your business alive with BCP

Power outages, disasters, and other disruptions are inevitable. Thousands of businesses around the globe are affected by them every year, with lost profits ranging into the millions, if not billions. So how can your business protect itself and stay open when the unexpected strikes? Here is a standard business continuity plan (BCP) your company can

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BCP tactics to keep your business running

It’s a fact of life. Events out of your control can disrupt your business operations. While you can’t necessarily control the unexpected, you can take some precautions to prevent most business disruptions. Here are some key business continuity strategies that organizations across the globe rely on to keep their doors open. Backup your data, applications

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Here are 5 disaster recovery tips

The last thing a business owner or manager wants to think about is a disaster that could cause their company to go bankrupt. While there are many things you can do to minimize the potential fallout from a disaster, the most important step is to implement a comprehensive disaster recovery plan that covers more than

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3 different ways to backup your data

Computers are the backbone to almost every company. We use them to conduct business and for storage of data among other things. If something were to happen to the computers, a devastating virus for example, you could risk losing your whole business if you haven’t backed up your data. Here are the three main types

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