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Increasing battery life on iOS7

In September, Apple launched the latest version of the popular mobile operating system iOS. Some big changes were introduced with iOS 7, updating not only how the OS looks but also the way we interact with it. Now that it has been out for a few weeks, there are reports from some users that their

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3 useful iPad keyboard shortcuts

A reason Apple products are so popular is that they are generally easy for almost everyone to pick up and figure out how to use. The iPad is no exception, which is why it has quickly become one of the most popular devices out there. One feature that makes Apple products so easy to use

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iOS 7 introduced with big changes

For many Apple fans, early June has become an important time of year. This is when Apple usually holds their annual developers conference – WWDC. It is during this event that Apple usually announces, and shows off, the new version of their popular mobile operating system – iOS. This year, Apple showed off a completely

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Google Now, now on the iPad

Sometimes it seems that Apple and Google don’t really want to play nice – or at least some hardcore fans would have you think as much. The truth is, many Apple users rely on Google’s products for email, storage and search, and have installed the Google Search app on their iPad or iPhone and use

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Keyboard shortcuts for the iPad

The iPad has more or less established itself as the most popular tablet, even within the business world. A common reason for this is because it allows business users to be more productive by taking the office with them when they leave. However, a downside of the iPad, and indeed most tablets, is the keyboard,

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Who else wants iPad productivity apps?

Tablets are really starting to come into their own. This is true even for business users, as tablets are great for those who need to take their business on the road but don’t want to be tied down to bulky laptops. The one tablet that’s proved to be the catalyst for this movement is the

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Does the Nexus 7 stack up to iPad?

So far in the “Age of the Tablet” there has been only one tablet against which all other were measured. Many have fallen far short. That tablet is the iPad, and from its release in 2010 it has seen few competitors. That has recently changed. The new competitor is Google’s spankin’ new tablet, the Nexus

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The modern POS = iPad with apps

One of the most common trends in relation to the changing of money between small businesses and customers is mobilization. Many systems like the point of sale system are being mobilized in an effort to allow small businesses to do business where they chose. An app for the Apple iPad is allowing just this. The

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Hot doc? Print it directly from iPad

One of the biggest trends of the past few years is the rise of the tablet as a replacement for the personal computer, largely due to the success of the Apple iPad. The tablet has proven itself more than a fad, and is actually becoming an incredibly useful business tool. To extend its usefulness, Apple

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