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Walk confidently toward your success knowing that your business is protected and ready to weather every storm. Whether your system is Windows or Linux, StorageCraft has your system and data backed up, replicated, and stored securely in the cloud. And with custom configurations, you can configure multiple backups, manage your storage resources, or manage alerts easily from a single dashboard.

A hybrid data backup solution

By filling out the form below, you’ll be able to download Providence Consulting’s whitepaper on our complete system and data protection tool: StorageCraft ShadowProtect.In the whitepaper, you’ll find information on what StorageCraft ShadowProtect does: reducing recovery time, improve backup performance, and increase success rates of backups and restorations etc. along with the four types of backup and recovery options it provides:

  • P2P – Recovery from a physical system to the same or another physical system.
  • P2V – Recovery from a physical system to a virtual environment.
  • V2P – Recovery of a virtual environment to a physical system.
  • V2V – Recovery from one virtual environment to another.

If you’re looking for disk-based backups and bare metal disaster recovery solutions for enterprise-level servers, desktops, and laptops, StorageCraft ShadowProtect from Providence Consulting has you covered.

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