Lenovo Showcase

What’s the difference?

We’re all looking for it. That advantage. That edge. Something that makes fast, faster. Strong, stornger. And smart, smarter. It helps you overcome. It helps you overachieve. But most importantly, it helps you win. We call them difference makers. And it’s what Lenovo strives to innovate, design, and create every single day.

Whatever your situation…

Lenovo has a solution to help you achieve your objectives.

Like something compact and light weight? No need to purchase a Surface when there is the X1 Tablet. This versatile computer has three modular add-ons for increased functionality. These modular designs let you turn your device into a laptop, or a projector. Plus the detachable keyboard includes a track pad and the legendary TrackPoint— no mouse required. The Productivity Module allows you to have up to 15 hours of battery life. With the presentation module, you will turn in your tablet into a projector with an integrated Pico projector that can create a 60-inch projection from about 2.5 meters away.


Do you need a mobile workstation capable of handling the most demanding software? Then look no further than the Lenovo Thinkpad P50 and P70 laptop. Armed with the latest Intel and Xeon core processors, the ability to handle 64 GB of RAM, andNVIDIA® Quadro graphics card you no longer have to be chained to your desk.


Workstations: The Lenovo ThinkStation P Series is the Best Designed Workstation Ever, delivering new heights in usability, reliability, and performance.