Businesses are evolving by the minute. More than ever before, teams in modern businesses are spread out across the globe. However, the way you share information is inadequate or extremely complex.

Emailing requires keeping track of different file versions and checking attached file sizes. SharePoint is too complicated even for the simplest tasks, requiring frequent logins and constant upgrading. FTP (File Transfer Protocol) sharing is too limited for any meaningful collaboration. You need a simpler way to collaborate, that also scales as your business grows.

That is where Box can help. It consolidates your content online in a single, easy-to-organize location. You can securely create and share files and folders and continue to build upon them as a team. You can put your whole file system on box and access everything securely from anywhere, on any device. It allows for file sharing using only a simple link, or inviting people to share a whole folder of files. You can add comments, share bookmarks, create simple documents, and easily manage document workflow with tasks. Upgrade to box Business and you can view previous versions of the document, customize the box interface, search the content of your documents, and get activity reports and manage users through an admin console.

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Available over the internet; no need for VPN


Access your data on the go, wherever you are


Assign others access to your data; collaborate as you need

15GB files

Upload large files, up to 15GB in size (and growing). Store as much as you want, storage is unlimited!


Secured and managed, it’s safe to use

Gartner names Box a leader for 3 years in a row

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