Receiving suspicious email requires urgent action

And that means having a safe way to notify your security team.

While some suspicious emails are easy to detect, others are not. But when you know you’re dealing with a risky email, do you alert the help desk right away? Do you feel safe forwarding it, or do you delete it and rule out a likely phishing scenario? Is there a single, safe way to proceed?

A simple button that alerts the security team solves this dilemma. With Providence Consulting’s Phish Alert Button, users can easily forward email threats for analysis and delete them, preventing further exposure.

Benefits of a Phish Alert Button:

  • One-click reporting of suspicious email
  • A stronger culture of safety and security in the organization
  • Capability to send an Incident Response with phishing alerts, aimed at creating a network of “sensors”
  • Suspicious emails are detected from user’s inbox to prevent future exposure
  • Easy deployment via MSI file for Outlook, G Suite deployment for Gmail (Chrome)
  • Supports: Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 & Outlook for Office 365, Exchange 2013 & 2016, Chrome 54 and later (Linux, OS X and Windows)

Deal with danger the right way with Providence Consulting’s Phish Alert Button.

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