Managed IT Services for Government

Empowering you to better serve your citizens

Governmental IT is unlike any. You need to adhere to the strictest security and privacy legislation and overcome budget challenges. That’s why when it comes to finding a managed IT service provider for your government agency, you need a professional who understands the governmental process as well as being trustworthy. At Providence Consulting, we have years of experience in managing the government’s IT and is staffed with certified IT advisory team. Start delivering the best services to your citizens today -- with an IT partner you can trust.

Chances are, your organization makes use of an ad hoc network environment. That means, you are also familiar with the downtime, missed opportunities, and additional expenses that come with it. With Providence Consulting’s Managed IT Services for Government, we can help you maximize the way you use technology.

Bring government services to the next level.
Our Managed IT Services for Government can help:

Manage and maintain all aspects of your IT

Make your IT operations adhere to Government IT Regulatory Compliance Preparation and Management such as FISMA, NIST, Section 508, and more

Provide solutions for your e-Government projects

Plan your IT strategies and procurement