IT services tailor made for your industry

Each industry has its unique IT needs. Whether you’re working in a legal firm, non-profit organization, government agency, educational institution, or private business, we have the right solutions for your specific requirements. Our Managed IT Services cover:

Legal Practices

Lawyers and law firms can now do away with IT stress. Our Managed IT Services for Legal Practices provide you with productivity-boosting tools such as trial presentation apps, case management and billing software along with cloud servers customized to suit the needs of legal businesses.

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We help business people like you grow your company by proactively managing and maintaining all aspects of your technology. Our Managed IT Services for SMB come with 24/7 helpdesk support that ensure you get help when you need it. And we provide all these for a fixed monthly rate that’s proven predictable and manageable.

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NGO staff can achieve their goals more easily when IT issues are eliminated. Besides managing your technology and providing round-the-clock technical support, we’ll also empower you with countless collaborative tools that allow volunteers to communicate and share ideas regardless of their location.

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Deliver better services to your taxpayers today. Providence Consulting's Managed IT services for Government provide you with e-Government projects, custom databases, document management, and imaging solutions, plus an array of VoIP features such as video conference, screen sharing, and more. All services are designed with the utmost privacy and confidentiality in mind.

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Teaching will never be the same again when Google Apps for Education, Office 2016 and other edutainment applications are incorporated in the classroom. Providence Consulting’s Managed IT Services for Education will equip your school with a reliable Wi-Fi network, IT training for teachers, affordable classroom computers, and learning software with no licensing costs.

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