Find out whose email address is exposed to phishing attacks.

Hint: It's your employees'

Cyber criminals are sneaky and smart. They know that for a phishing attack to be successful, they need to have a fail-safe plan when launching social engineering, spear-phishing, and ransomware attacks. That plan involves using your organization’s email addresses, which are easily found online. They use these addresses to find even more targets in your network and from there launches phishing attacks.

Organizations are often surprised upon discovering that a large number of emails within their network are exposed. You can take the first step by conducting a security awareness testing, but for a stronger security approach, use Providence Consulting’s Email Exposure Check.

How Email Exposure Check works:

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  • Get a detailed report on where your addresses have been exposed within 2 business days

Send us a valid email address from your organization’s own domain and get a fast, accurate report (Note: public email domains such as Gmail and Yahoo are not accepted).

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