CEO Fraud is a threat to businesses of all sizes.

It begins with hackers spoofing an email address of your own domain.

The threat of CEO Fraud is real.

Through the simple act of spoofing the CEO’s email, hackers can steal millions of dollars from your organization’s coffers. From there, it’s just a matter of time before your network succumbs to this sophisticated act of cyber theft.

CEO Fraud starts with hackers ‘deep searching’ your organizations’ email addresses. After successfully finding your employees’ email addresses, the cyber thieves initiate a phishing attack.

Some facts on Phishing:

  • According to security software firm, Trend Micro, spear-phishing attacks are responsible for 91% of successful data breaches
  • Many companies are not aware that a large number of their email addresses, are easily findable on the internet, and are prone to exposure
  • Upon acquiring a substantial number of email addresses, hackers hide under the guise of CEO or Finance Manager email addresses to launch a massive attack to your organization

Providence Consulting’s Domain Spoof Test is a one-time free testing service that lets you address your email service configuration issues. The test requires a valid email address from your organization’s own domain, and is only for the person responsible for an organization’s email security (Note: public email domains such as Gmail and Yahoo are not accepted)

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