Providence Now Offering Xerox Products and Services

If you’re a Providence client, you already know all about our responsive and professional IT support services. Did you know that we are also an Authorized Xerox Channel Partner?

We offer a range of cutting-edge Xerox products and services, including multifunction printers that can condense all of your printing, copying, scanning, and fax needs into one convenient machine.

Success is Our Business!

Providence Partners with Central Area Michigan Works! to Provide New Employment Opportunities

Jason Hill, the "new guy" at Providence, is a glowing example of success in these tough times. After being laid off in 2008, Jason made the decision that he needed to earn a college degree and find a new field of work to enhance his employment opportunities.

The Power of Planning and Execution

When Joe arrived at his office that afternoon things were in chaos! He had noticed during his lunch meeting that he hadn’t received any new E-mail messages on his smart phone in over an hour. He thought this was odd, but the moment he set foot through the door, he knew why.

7 Steps to Successful Technology Planning for Your Business

The annual budgeting process can be a time consuming, frustrating, and thankless task that very often gets pushed aside for more urgent responsibilities. Let’s face it – budgeting can be difficult – especially if you want to prepare an itemized budget rather than just pull together numbers based on last-year’s spending patterns.

Providence President Jeff Dettloff Voted to Top Post at Capital Area IT Council

Providence Consulting is proud to announce that President and “Chief Problem Solver” Jeff Dettloff was recently voted to the office of 2011-2012 President of the Capital Area IT Council.

The Capital Area IT Council is a Michigan Regional Skills Alliance (MI RSA) that was formed to address the specific workforce development challenges facing the Lansing area information technology industry.